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CD Song List:

  1. Doig River Drummers: “Dreamer’s Song I”
  2. Dori Braun: “Alaska Highway”
  3. Barb Munro: “97th Regiment”
  4. Karree J. Phillips: “The Alaska Highway”
  5. Chris Gale: Nashville Studio Version: “That’s Where I Was Raised”
  6. Dave McGowan: “The Road that Couldn’t be Done” (Poem)
  7. Iyan Bruvold “Road Bound by Road”
  8. Bill Dolan: “Trail of ’42”
  9. Doig River Drummers: “Dreamer’s Song II”
  10. Jody Peck: “Alaska Highway”
  11. Lorissa Scriven: “Look Out Alaska”
  12. Malcolm MacLean: “Tumbleweed”
  13. Iyan Bruvold: “That Old Alaska”
  14. Deb Butler: “Alcan Craze”
  15. Randy Jorgenson: “The Road”
  16. Virginia Stark: “Heroes Starting from Zero” (Poem)
  17. Chris Gale: Bill Dolan Version: “That’s Where I Was Raised”
  18. Northern Lights Drummers: “The Alaska Highway Song”